Night Of Destiny 2016

In aid of saving lives in Syria

ION PROMOTIONS presents a 4 date charity iftar tour
Featuring Yasmin Mogahed, Dalia Mogahed and Hammadur Rahman Fahim

Join Night of Destiny 2016 or Laylatul Qadr and listen to both Yasmin and Dalia Mogahed speak for the first time together in the UK . They will talk about the blessings of the last 10 nights of 'Laylatul Qadr' and discuss how one can spiritually prepare for it and take advantage of these blessed nights.

They will answer questions such as when is the Night of Destiny, how one should observe the nights and how one balances between both worldly life and the spiritual. They will describe why Night of Destiny is special and how Allah has given us the opportunity to gain immense rewards in a space of 10 nights.

Hammadur Rahman Fahim will also share practical steps one can take in order to benefit from the last 10 nights of Ramadan and prophetic guidance on worshipping during these nights. The evening will include an Iftar and a fundraising appeal for a really worthwhile cause.

Three well known speakers will be featured

Book now for this 4 date charity iftar tour in aid of saving lives in Syria. Featuring well known speakers Yasmin & Dalia Mogahed and Hammadur Rahman Fahim.

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Charity Partners:
Human Appeal & One Family

Human Appeal's 3 dates in Bradford, Oldham and Birmingham are being held in aid of saving lives in Syria through medical aid shelter, water and emergency food provisions.

About the charity partners
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Tickets for Night Of Destiny 2016 are £15. This price includes the iftar. The tour will take place in Bradford, London, Oldham and Birmingham from the 24th of June.

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